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A cycling-inspired café in Austria

A cycling-inspired café in Austria


Movement, freedom, pleasure… so many ideas that come to mind at the mere mention of the word bicycle. This is exactly what happened during the design of the Cyclist café at the Andaz Vienna am Belvedere Hotel, Austria, by the Archisphere studio which combined experience in movement and communication. The result: a trendy place that radiates mobility thanks to its varied layout with bicycles.

Architecture and interior design studio Archisphere, based in Vienna and Zurich, designs Cyclist, a modern café at the Andaz Vienna am Belvedere Hotel, Austria, drawing inspiration from movement, freedom and fun associated with cycling. Additionally, the spirit of art collector Prince Eugene of Sweden, whose influence can be seen throughout the hotel, is also incorporated into e cafeteria’s design. In Cyclist, the prince swaps his horse for a bicycle, is served a coffee by the barista before going for a walk in the neighboring Schweizergarten park. The design integrates various bicycles and bicycle elements, while providing a place for guests, customers and employees to communicate and relax. On the wall, bicycle seats and handlebars are transformed into works of art. Stools with round brown leather seats feature chain and pedal. Other stools near the window include bicycle seats to sit on. Artistic achievements on the ground guide people. Between originality and thematics, the café’s casual concept breaks away from worn-out, familiar norms and the beaten track.

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