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In Nevada, a structure that blends into the landscape

In Nevada, a structure that blends into the landscape


The dream of two art dealers to build an extraordinary home has come true in the United States, thanks to the californian agency OPA. Respecting the unique wilderness environment of the Nevada desert and the steep terrain, the designers create a futuristic masterpiece with views of the Sierra Nevada and Reno mountains.

Based in California, architectural firm OPA is designing an exceptional home for two art collectors. Specialized in contemporary art and art of the American West, the masters of the place decided to leave the arid desert located outside Reno, in Nevada, in the United States, to settle on a less distant site, overlooking the city. They wanted a home that reflected the spirit of the times while belonging to the West. With an explosive profile, the family villa, which spans 548 m2, reflects avant-garde ecological architecture. Every edge is entirely shared: no edges terminate in the middle of another edge. This results in a flow of space that supports extreme difference without discontinuities. Elements of the house slide into each other with shifting relationships of fractured symmetries, local axes, and embedded parallelisms. Deployed on three levels, the boldly designed structure constitutes a precious setting for a fluid and completely open-plan interior, with a refined aesthetic, breathing a felted luxury and a dazzling clarity that allow you to feel zen and relaxed. With its atypical layout, space games and numerous openings, this sublime prestigious residence does honor to the modern spirit.


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