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In California, a villa with a view on the desert

In California, a villa with a view on the desert


Dedicated to the contemplation of nature, this villa planted in the middle of the desert, in California, catches the eye by the incredible rigor of its lines. Designed by the architects of Whipple Russell, the building, worthy of the greatest Hollywood stars, multiplies the viewpoints. Unclassifiable.

In this paradise without artifice, dreams become reality. To sum up: a flat roof on two levels, long horizontal lines, high cement walls… All surrounded by huge picture windows and terraces overlooking the exceptional panorama of the Californian desert. This is what awaits the visitor when he discovers this sublime residence, built in Palm Desert, in the foothills of the Santa Rosa Mountains, near the Bighorn Golf Club. By sublime, we mean not a flashy structure but a work of art where every detail counts and contributes to the beauty of the place. The residence impresses with its envelope as well as its interior. Designed by Whipple Russell Architects, it subtly blends into its breathtaking setting, embracing its colors and blurring the boundaries between inside and outside to allow the owners to live as if in a transparent and light bubble. Making the most of the site without disguising it, the designers created, at the request of the owner who had been captivated by the desert since childhood, a building that pays tribute to the mountains, the landscape and the relationship with the outside world and the water. The building is thus arranged in such a way as to allow everyone to live at their own pace, thanks to the three wings designed to accommodate guests. The building is open-plan, in osmosis with the natural setting, and its living spaces are at one with the environment and evolve with the seasons.

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