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Imagination at work

Imagination at work


The new School of Architecture at the University of Miami is the result of a long-standing association with the Arquitectonica firm. Through this construction, the studio presents a one-of-a-kind solution, a real laboratory and a collaborative space for the next generation of architects.

To design the new School of Architecture at the University of Miami, it was natural to call on the Arquitectonica studio. Created in 1977 by the founding architect Bernardo Fort-Brescia, formerly of the Faculty, who thus reinforces his commitment to the University and his hometown, this international agency, based in Miami, has offices around the world (including one in Paris). The new building covers an area of ​​1,850 m2, is LEED certified and offers space that supports the school’s educational approach. Thus, the glass and cement structure serves as a tool to illustrate some of the fundamentals of modern architecture, sustainability and construction. Bold, the project consists essentially of a single oversized hangar, with a vaulted roof, suspended 5.5 meters above the ground by narrow steel columns and a few fixed walls. This composition provides a feeling of openness and allows light to penetrate inside. A single curved concrete wall faces the main entrance. It acts as a symbolic gesture of welcome, inviting the students to enter the school. In this way, a simple box turns into a dynamic architectural expression, able to positively influence young student architects.


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