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Illuminated… day and night

Illuminated… day and night


Designed by Swatt Miers Architects in Atherton, California, this residence is a brilliant white, which transforms into a lantern at night, thanks to an abundance of well-placed windows. During the day, these large bay windows allow daylight to penetrate the interiors and thus create a bright and airy atmosphere.

Located in the town of Atherton, California, this home is being remodeled by Swatt Miers Architects for a family who owned it for many years. It was a low one-story structure with posts and beams that prevented the addition of a second level. The new residence, of approximately 557 m2 of living space, now comprises two levels with a full basement. Accessed by carefully choreographed paths and gardens, the newly designed interior features exciting spaces and an abundance of natural light. The visitor accesses the building from the north side by taking a path flanked to the east by a long linear overflowing water feature which ends at the front door. The dining room and living room feature walls of glass connecting the fabulous interior to the magnificent gardens. A striking feature of the building is the freestanding steel staircase, treated as a functional work of art. It hovers gracefully above an internal garden of gravel and a solitary rock. The main floor houses all public areas – kitchen, family room, dining room and living room – as well as the owners’ suite. As for the upper level, it includes an office and guest bedrooms in two wings linked by a floating bridge with north-facing clerestory windows.

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