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Hybrid workspace for Allianz in Zurich, Switzerland

Hybrid workspace for Allianz in Zurich, Switzerland


Designed by the dutch office Wiel Arets Architects, the new headquarters of the giant Allianz illustrate the successful completion of a master plan for a mixed-use district on the outskirts of downtown Zurich, Switzerland.

With great flexibility in use and form as an initial concept, this workspace introduces a new culture that essentially encourages discussion. Indeed, the design of the building, interior and exterior, promotes, throughout its discovery, spontaneous and informal discussions and interactions between private and public, to create a certain balance with the very rigid initial function of the Allianz group. The 72,000 m² project is composed of a 20-storey tower and an annex of 5, connected horizontally by 4 bridges and vertically by voids and stairs. In addition to the connections between the different entities, the headquarters connect to the city. This continuity allows accessibility to the mass on the ground floor and the entrance hall, so that the place remains in perpetual animation. Despite all the innovations in the space, the boldest move in this building would be in its cover. A sintered glass facade reflects the sky and melts into the context, while a framing of onyx marble cladding infuses a lot of character and sets the building apart from its backdrop. Finally, a curtain composition responding to a complex algorithm further distinguishes this structure.

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