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House on vineyard

House on vineyard

For this home in Fontanars Dels Alforins, Valencia wine region, Spain, the architectural firm Ramón Esteve opts for a revival of the concept of the traditional country house, the execution of which takes precedence over the integration of the construction into its environment.

This house of almost 415 m2 in Valencia, Spain, is only accessible through tree-lined paths. It is this nature, made up of vines and pines, but also olive and poplar trees, that Ramón Esteve wanted to respect in his design of this modern country house. For this, it takes precedence over three elements: simplicity, transparency and environmental passivity. Simplicity of structures and materials. The long and single block of white concrete, which forms the central part of the construction, is interspersed transversely by kinds of thermally modified pine wood boxes. Transparency of fully open living areas. First on the surrounding nature, thanks to large bay windows, then on the fluid common space of the building dominated by a large fireplace. In addition, there is a long rear terrace linking the two different views that characterize the landscape: on one side the pine forest, on the other the vineyards. Environmental passivity with holistic reach, thanks to the choice of substances, the use of rock wool for thermal insulation, the use of solar panels and the conservation of rainwater. In short, a retreat that puts the campaign in the spotlight!

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