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Zallinger refuge in the Alps

Zallinger refuge in the Alps

Between the renovation of a century-old hotel property and the development of a complex that cares about the heritage of its Alpine environment, the Zallinger project in Seiser Alm, in the Dolomites of South Tyrol, is a jewel in the crown of the noa* group. A hospitable model that takes precedence over ecotourism without sacrificing aesthetics or luxury.

When the noa* group takes charge of this project, in the heart of the high mountains of South Tyrol, in the north of Italy, it is all the charm of an alpine village that they have in mind. More than a renovation, it is for them to create a hotel complex that will combine Tyrolean tradition and modern design, comfort and ecological sustainability. In addition to the renovation of the main building, called Zallinger Hut, there are also seven mini-chalets, where seven barns once stood. Built in homage to the past, the houses are clad in wood, the blocks of which overlap, juxtaposing the solid in the hollow. An architecture that favors the creation of shadows and lights and avoids direct reflections from the windows, allowing the constructions to blend in with their snowy environment. The rooms, which look like log cabins, feature wooden shingles, typical of regional folklore. In the old pavilion, the new layout incorporates reception, vestibule, lounge and restaurant. At the bar sits an impressive tree trunk, behind which the staff are busy. The very essence of the mountain thus integrates the interior. Same for the wine cellar, whose rising shelves echo the vertiginous surrounding peaks. Everything here is a cult in the Alps, their snow and their starry sky, whose majesty is heightened by the darkness, only interrupted by the lanterns offered to visitors browsing the aisles at night.


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