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The W Hotel in Osaka, exuberant and colorful interiors

The W Hotel in Osaka, exuberant and colorful interiors


Located on Midosuji Boulevard in Osaka, Japan, the W Hotel is a 27-story skyscraper designed by Nikken Sekkei, with a monolithic black facade designed by Tadao Ando and interior design by Amsterdam-based Concrete.

This new hotel pays tribute to Osaka. Right from the entrance, its “extravagant simplicity” is marked, in the words of Concrete. A long tunnel leading to the lobby is decorated with 3,000 laser-cut circles, reminiscent of cherry blossoms and origami, and lights whose color and intensity change according to the season and time of day. The ceiling, floor and staircase are inspired by the classic local asanoha pattern. The check-in counter is a bar planted in the heart of the building and visible from the elevator exit. A lounge area balances between inside and outside; white ceiling lights encased in acrylic look like glowing advertisements; the seats are rainbow-colored. The décor at Oh.lala, a French bistro-restaurant, is inspired by copper pots and the blue-and-white striped Breton shirt: porcelain with blue spots, a sheer white curtain with sharp origami-style folds and clouds of small hanging lamps. To relax, head to WET deck with its courtyard open to its surroundings, bar for a colorful cocktail or courtyard with smooth walls and rounded corners. All located on the same floor, these spaces are connected by a chrome “horizon”. Each corner has a distinct character and green, gray, blue or pink tile colors depending on its function. From its elevated position, the pool forms a blue backdrop. Residents can opt for a pink or sakura blue room. The suites are open, with a contemporary glass shoji screen separating the bedroom and living room from the bathroom. Large windows let in natural light and offer a stunning view of the area, while a wall of mirrors conceals an “escape” lighting feature. When turned on, it transforms the room into dramatic pink or blue diagonal stripes. The building is crowned by the Extreme Wow suite, which offers a sequence of five rooms divided by oak portals. The design is based on simplicity and extravagance, allowing a choice between an intimate environment or an open, entertaining space.

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