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The Park Hotel Vitznau, in Switzerland, the past combined with the future

The Park Hotel Vitznau, in Switzerland, the past combined with the future


Established in 1903, from the daring spirit of Josef Anton Bon and the architectural genius of Karl Gottlieb Koller, the Park Hotel was built in three years. Nestled in the heart of an idyllic setting, on the shores of Lake Lucerne, in Switzerland, it was taken over in 2009 by the company Park Hotel Vitznau AG for renovations that make it a unique work.

The century-old walls of Park Hotel Vitznau, Lucerne, Switzerland, house an interior that is not only modern, but also unparalleled. The motto of the renovations undertaken in the hotel complex is to maintain the past while creating the future. A philosophy articulated around three main axes: art and culture, gastronomy and the art of wine, and health and prosperity. Three leitmotifs that come up in rhythm everywhere, in the luxury of its interior spaces, the spectacular view of its surroundings, the calm of its spa, the soft half-light of its cigar room or the richness of its 6 wine cellars, offering a choice of more than 4,000 varieties and some 32,000 bottles. But above all, an art of living that vibrates fully at the option of the 47 suites and residences, unique and luxurious, creating, for their visitors, an extraordinary experience. In 6 galleries, individually designed rooms according to one of 6 themes: wine and gastronomy, theater and music, finance, patronage, medicine and the surrealism of Verlinde. Artist, scholar, philanthropist or bon-vivant, everyone will find there what makes their heart and mind waltz, all with elegant research, down to the smallest detail. A refinement extended by the cuisine of the two restaurants, the Focus and the Prisma. On the first floor, which is accessed through the charming French wine cellar, with a glass wall overlooking the lake, a rich haute cuisine, in an avant-garde environment with warm colors. In the second, a simple design that emphasizes authentic dishes, scored 16 points in the Gault & Millau guide. Add to that an ecological heating and cooling system, which uses water from the lake to operate, plus an aquarium harboring 1,000 different fish, corals and algae; and you have a place there that you would never want to leave.

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