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Successful facelift for the Mylines hotel in Hangzhou, China

Successful facelift for the Mylines hotel in Hangzhou, China

In Hangzhou, one of the most beautiful cities in China, the LYCS architecture studio and the Chun Shui Tang company have teamed up to make Mylines an incomparable love hotel, where design encourages customers to live their passions according to proposed atmospheres.

The result of a collaboration between LYCS architecture studio and Chun Shui Tang, Mylines is located in Hangzhou, capital of Zhejiang province and one of the seven oldest metropolises of the Heavenly Empire. Conducive to an exceptional, naughty and ultra-glamorous night, this hotel for lovers, spreading its wings over 2,200 m2, has undergone a complete facelift. Each of its 33 rooms is imagined according to the six categories inherent in the most primitive human desires and impulses: narcissism, lust, exhibitionism, sadomasochism, fantasy and romanticism. Thematic, the interior design of each room is not only designed to arouse desire and excitement, but also to offer residents a unique, even liberating, sensory experience, in complete privacy. The materials and colors are meticulously worked on as is the organization of the premises, whether interior or exterior. Particular attention is also paid to lighting and sound, so as to create an extraordinary architectural space, studied in every detail, and a bewitching atmosphere dedicated to love, romance and relaxation, allowing customers to give free rein to their fantasies.

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