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Prestige Hotel, a tropical eden in Malaysia

Prestige Hotel, a tropical eden in Malaysia


In Malaysia, in the city of Penang, the architecture studio Ministry of Design, based in Singapore, conceived, designed, executed and decorated the Prestige Hotel, a magnificent place inspired by the Victorian style, in the tradition of postcolonial buildings in the city.

Under the direction of architect Colin Seah, the Singaporean architectural firm Ministry of Design imagines, in Penang, Malaysia, the Prestige Hotel, a luxury building custom designed in the architectural continuity of the historic center of the city. Part of the prestigious Design Hotels, this project is a modern interpretation of the spirit of the Victorian era. It welcomes travelers in a contemporary and magical colonial universe, in a tropical climate, where lush vegetation is abundant. Located in the Georgetown district, amid the buildings that English settlers constructed in the 19th century, it has 162 rooms and covers an area of ​​8,570 m². Its many amenities include an all-day restaurant, rooftop infinity pool, event pavilion and terrace, Victorian-style dining room, and arcade for shops. Aiming to offer an extraordinary hotel experience, the designers have implemented, inside the hotel, a sophisticated style, based on visual pretenses, elements of surprise as well as notions of magic and illusion, in order to create spaces of pleasure and memorable immersions for any guest looking for the charm of an authentic trip.

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