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Paradise in the heart of fresh water

Paradise in the heart of fresh water

Olea All Suite Hotel in Greece image

On the island of Zakynthos, in Greece, are the green hills of Tsilivi, home to a crystal-clear artificial lake. It is in this emerald and blue dress that the architectural studio Block722 has designed a hotel for souls in search of calm.

The Olea All Suite Hotel is a complex of 93 rooms whose classic lines reflect the key concept of their creator, Block722. To the project, the studio brings its multiple experience, in architecture, construction and interior design, and its dual inspirations, in this case between Greece and Sweden. Perched on one of the most lush slopes of Zakynthos, the hotel plays on the simplicity of the materials. Thus, wood and concrete combine to enhance the true jewel that characterizes the whole. In the center of the subdivision is a 4,000 m2 body of water, shaped by hand for a sanctuary of rest far from men. Like a beating heart, the lake pumps its transparent waters throughout this peaceful retreat: aquatic veins that quench the thirst of olive trees and creep into quiet lagoons at the foot of the suites. At the same time, the latter are open to communal spaces, thus cultivating a feeling of full awareness. In the rooms, the ocher neutral comes up against the distinction of bronzes and moiré grays, whose shimmering effects are reminiscent of those of nearby water. In the sunshine of this Mediterranean island, the Scandinavian purity of the design and its elements – chairs, sofas, light fixtures and marble reception in the spa area – highlights the sweetness of life.


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