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Miyue Blue & White Cliffside Resort, a sensorial urban vacation experience

Miyue Blue & White Cliffside Resort, a sensorial urban vacation experience


GS Design realizes the Miyue Blue & White Cliffside Resort, in the Nan’ao sub-district of Shenzhen, on China’s southern coast, by redefining the notion of an elegant vacation and focusing on the spatial experience. Set amidst mountains, the hotel incorporates a predominantly white color palette, creating an aesthetic clarity that complements the expanses of blue sea and sky surrounding the structure.

Architectural firm GS Design composes a series of elegantly minimalist surfaces in a warm, uncluttered style, using subtle materials that reflect the natural environment. The accommodation unit comprises twenty-five rooms with a unique interior design and character. The main factor of each room is the formation of various grottoes, tubs and arches that enjoy framed views of the landscape. The designers focus on the spatial experience of the compound resort, exploring the architectural potential of color, light and texture, to form a pioneering model of the urban vacation. Redefining the concept of the elegant vacation, the composition integrates the building with its surrounding environment, unlocking the relationship between physical space and perceptual use. The selection of materials for the public areas features bamboo and wood, allowing the natural landscape to become part of the interior. Pure white is the main tone of the entire building, contrasting with the blue of the sea and sky. The grotto-like baths ensure direct contact with the outdoors, while guaranteeing privacy and transparency. The bubble pool on the terrace reflects the changing shadows of the day. Thanks to visual, tactile and auditory sensory features, and the architects’ constant, progressive exploration to link everyday life and leisure, Miyue Blue & White Cliffside Resort shapes a contemporary urban vacation destination.

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