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La Réserve Genève, a secret escape

La Réserve Genève, a secret escape


On the shores of Lake Geneva, in Geneva, stands a 5-star spa hotel, La Réserve. Imagined by the Michel Reybier Hospitality group and decorated by Jacques Garcia, it embodies a lost, secret, intimate and simply refined paradise, where it is good to relax.

La Réserve Genève is part of a series by Michel Reybier Hospitality. The spa hotel is also a member of the prestigious Leading Hotels of the World (LHW), grouping together luxurious hospitality establishments that stand out from the crowd and offer unique stays for travelers eager for authenticity. Founded in 1928, with 38 properties, the LHW group has since expanded its membership collection. Today, it has among its members more than 400 establishments dotted across 80 countries. This is to say if La Réserve Genève is therefore a unique jewel. Designed as a lodge, the hotel features 29 suites and 73 rooms, all decorated by Jacques Garcia, in the style of african pavilions. Here you will find a warm atmosphere, a home away from your home, in silky and soft tones, namely orange, light blue, taupe or celadon green. Oiled oak floors and touches of old-world explorations complete the decor. Here, a writer-traveler desk hung with leather; there, a velvet explorer’s chair. In addition, there is a private villa by the lake and four restaurants, two of which are marvels. These are the tasteful works of chef Franck Xu at Tsé Fung, the only chinese restaurant in Switzerland with a Michelin star. But La Réserve is above all the Nescens spa. Over 2,000 m2, this wellness area brings together 17 treatment rooms, collective sports areas, swimming pools, tennis courts, sauna, hammam, relaxation areas and a well-eating restaurant. Based on the Nescens Better-Aging philosophy, it combines all new scientific methods with the more exquisite ones of the art of living. An art of living but also a pleasure to be enhanced by the establishment’s 4 hectares of private park and the splendor of Lake Geneva, to be crossed aboard the La Réserve motoscafo.

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