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Hotel de Sers, the 5-star baby Palace

Hotel de Sers, the 5-star baby Palace


The history of the Hotel de Sers, a benchmark 5-star address a stone’s throw from the Champs-Elysées, began in 1880, with Henri-Léopold Charles, Marquis de Sers, and has continued, since 2004, with the B Signature Hotels Group & Resorts. The establishment is adorned with new finery thanks to the architect Thomas Vidalenc. Its decoration therefore preserves the spirit of the place and updates it to better anchor it in its time. A decoration intrinsically linked to the building, its origins and its evolution.

The fabulous decor of the Hotel de Sers is based on metal, stone and fabric, modernized with a chic chromatic hue of blue and gold. At the entrance, the reception area is bright with a white marble desk. The gallery which connects the reception area, the staircase leading to the former “noble floor” and the living room, is decorated in blue, gray and gold, with a Toulemonde Bochart rug, Vidalenc armchairs and floor lamps from Vistosi. As for the historic spaces of the original construction, they are adorned with a modern touch signed by the architect Thomas Vidalenc and constitute the public areas of the new building. Large and lit, the library reinforces the link with the warm lounge dominated by blue and brown. On the bar side, the configuration is modified to create a place conducive to calm, in warm tones, with large sofas in metal effect fabric from Lelièvre. Spacious and comfortable, the rooms evoke the charm of a private hotel. With their bathrooms, they are designed as a coherent volume, offering the traveler a feeling of clarity and tranquility. Their decoration is available in three new color ranges of blue, gold and brown, with velvet fabrics and metal effect. Replaced with shelves, consoles and chrome metal legs from Thomas Vidalenc, the desk is removed from the rosewood furniture, which guarantees more space and mobility. Velvet curtains, carpet and deep sofas in gold, brown or blue metal-effect fabric complete the feeling of cozy comfort in the hotel’s expertly appointed rooms. Vidalenc maintains the bias towards a restricted range of materials, avoiding emphasis or imitation. Each of the forty-five rooms and seven suites is decorated with portraits of historical figures from the 18th or 19th century. In addition, the walls of the two 60 m2 Eiffel suites are dressed in a silver patina and enhance the natural light emanating from the large bay window leading to the panoramic terrace and its breathtaking view of Paris and its monuments. Two sofas covered in gold velvet face each other in the large living room and large leather cubes with inlaid wood tops serve as coffee tables. Ultimate splendor, an exceptional apartment, above the tree-lined patio on the 7th floor, overlooks the capital. There is a kitchen, dining room, living room and bedroom opening onto a huge bathroom with a round bathtub. As if perched on the roofs, two terraces extend this paradise located a stone’s throw from the Champs-Elysées. Bright, colorful and contemporary, the Restaurant de Sers opens onto a pleasant interior garden. Led by chef Anthony Huguenin, it offers fresh and organic gastronomy. Between sauna, hammam, massage or fitness, beauty and relaxation are also there. Refurbished and restored, this palace has regained its original vocation: that of a welcoming home with discreet, comfortable and warm luxury.

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