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Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo, for a princely stay under the sign of luxury

Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo, for a princely stay under the sign of luxury

The Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo, the jewel in the crown of the Monegasque hotel industry, has been given a makeover. Under the leadership of the two architects Richard Martinet and Gabriel Viora, the 5* hotel, once one of Grace Kelly’s favorite retreats and where the first glamorous princess in the history of the Grimaldis celebrated the 20th anniversary of her marriage to Prince Rainier III, has been transformed into an exceptional place for exceptional people.

The ultimate symbol of glamour, combining history, splendor and dolce vita, Monaco has always attracted stars, crowned heads, gotha and the world’s jet set. Indeed, the Principality, whose fate has been intimately linked to the Grimaldi dynasty, more precisely to the fairy tale of the eternal couple Grace-Rainier III, continues to arouse enthusiasm because of the delicious perfume of adventure that it exudes, the whirlwinds of parties and shows that take place there, often in mythical places full of history, such as the Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo, famous, among other things, for its Louis XV restaurant, its Empire room, its wine cellar or its American bar where the famous Orson Wells used to come and smoke his eternal cigar while sipping a cocktail. Adjacent to the Monaco casino, the emblematic palace, which celebrated its 150th anniversary, recently underwent a facelift that François Blanc, the “magician of Monte-Carlo” would have loved. The place has undergone a large-scale renovation for an amount of 270 million euros. Under the watchful eye of two architects, Richard Martinet and Gabriel Viora, pharaonic works were carried out over a period of about five years, modifying the rooms and magnifying the interior and exterior spaces, while creating two royal suites dedicated to Grace and Rainier III. The famous Belle Epoque rotunda and the Alice Wing were thus sublimated. Completely modernized, the lobby now opens onto an open-air patio, creating a true oasis of greenery in the heart of Le Rocher.

Princess Grace Suite
In tribute to the Oscar-winning actress and former Princess of Monaco, the hotel has created the most spectacular suite on the Riviera in her name. Spread over the 7th and 8th floors, the sumptuous two-room Princess Grace Hotel de Paris Suite alone offers nearly 440 m2 of outdoor space. Featuring a private infinity pool with its own wave machine and a rare granite Jacuzzi, the elegant rose-lined terrace, Grace, ensures breathtaking views of the Mediterranean, Monaco’s harbor as well as the princely palace. Contemporary, bright and airy with floor-to-ceiling windows, the interior features a neutral palette punctuated by sumptuous gold accents, complemented by precious woods, mother-of-pearl inlays and Carrera marble. Designed for working and entertaining, the space reflects everything the legendary princess loved. Her photographs, her own works and books, her favorite artworks and poems are on display.

Prince Rainier III Suite
A true rooftop villa, the Prince Rainier III Suite, named after the father of the current Monegasque sovereign, Prince Albert II, allows those happy few who have the privilege of residing there to enjoy a view of the vibrant heart of the Place du Casino, but also to benefit from a two-level terrace with a heated infinity pool, which reveals a sublime panorama embracing Monaco, France and, in the distance, Italy, all in a 600 m2 setting. An atmosphere of contrasts, where golden tones are subtly combined with more vivid colors, reigns inside. Sculptures signed by Prince Rainier III, paintings from his personal collection and original photographs adorn the ensemble.

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