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Caravia Beach in Greece

Caravia Beach in Greece

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On the green island of the Dodecanese, homeland of Hippocrates, in a spectacular setting in blue, green and white, is the Caravia Beach Junior Suites and Restaurant, trendy complex, signed by the office Mastrominas Architecture.

Against the backdrop of palm trees and a bright blue sky, the Caravia Beach Junior Suites and Restaurant, designed by Mastrominas Architecture, is located in Marmari, on the island of Kos, located in the south of Greece. Extension of an existing hotel, the complex which won the International Design Award (IDA), is set up around a large communal swimming pool, delimiting five bungalows/suites and a restaurant. It is connected to the structure by terraces and platforms, thus creating water channels surrounding the spaces. A reinterpretation of the cubic island architecture typical of the Greek islands, the suites, with shaded courtyards and wicker pergolas, are organized on two floors, while the restaurant is a meeting point. Simple and modern, it offers a relaxing environment, combining the dining areas, the bar and the open kitchen. The use of stone walls built using local traditional techniques, like teak, underlines the original exotic atmosphere created by the natural landscape, while the textiles, available in gray tones, reinforce the impression of calm. Furnished in an eclectic spirit where furniture and personalized objects meet, the place reflects a relaxed and sophisticated environment, combining minimalism with an elegant Mediterranean atmosphere.

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