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Between tradition and modernity

Between tradition and modernity


Located in the heart of the thai capital, the Bangkok Midtown Hotel is one of the creations of the architectural house Plan Architect. Combining contemporary with old-fashioned ornaments, the building surprises with its look that is both fresh and sober.

Reinterpreting the visual definition of classical thai architecture with a contemporary twist was the goal of Plan Architect. Successful bet. Bangkok Midtown Hotel has a facade that respects the usual floral mobile, with a roof reminiscent of a pagoda, while providing the comforts of a modern building. Acting like a second skin, the structure surrounding the building could even be assimilated to a parasol, thus creating a duplicated shadow on the main wall. In the courtyard, the vertical fins represent the traditional pillar of the thai temple. A welcoming terrace planted with trees faces the hotel and gives it a touch of greenery. At the end, a wall of reflective glass is designed to create a continuous visual hall. Located in the heart of Bangkok, this splendid 4-star establishment consists of six floors and four types of rooms, with several spaces accessible to the public and marked by flowing lines and beautiful light. The lobby is spacious and pleasant and the swimming pool is open to the sky, although it is inside the building. The hotel also has a restaurant and spa, where you can indulge in the famous thai massages.

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