Holiday home surrounded by nature in Brazil


In Brazil, in Nova Lima, a mountainous town near Belo Horizonte, Anastasia Arquitetos agency has imagined a dream villa. Large spaces, beautiful materials, a breathtaking view… Everything is present in this exceptional project. Zoom on a haven of peace.

Designed by the Brazilian architectural firm Anastasia Arquitetos, this mansion built on the mountainside is located in a residential area of ​​the city of Belo Horizonte, Brazil, on a plot of 3,400 m², but with an average transverse slope of 34 degrees and longitudinal 12 degrees. During the work, the designers opted for an architectural approach favoring a more harmonious implantation of the construction in the topography of the site. They located the main part of the building in the longitudinal direction, thus avoiding giant walls and disproportionate structures, while allowing residents to benefit from the most beautiful panorama. Combining modernity and design, this contemporary house reflects a rather original layout. The interior, a successful blend of modern solutions and a vintage feel, offers all the comforts homeowners need. It captivates in particular with its incredible clarity, especially since the light is unobstructed. Hosted on the ground floor, the social and family spaces as well as the leisure areas, including an indoor swimming pool, a spa and a cinema for 20 people, exude tranquility and absolute luxury. Connected to the outdoor swimming pool by a staircase and a lift, said staircase being part of the facade, they resonate like a hymn to idleness.


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