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Holiday home in Alibagh, India

Holiday home in Alibagh, India

Ideal for daily living or to recharge your batteries over a weekend, this residence in Alibagh, India, is the work of architectural firm Shroffleón. A true haven of peace and zen, it offers a way of life entirely turned towards nature.

It is in Alibagh, often called the Hamptons of Mumbai, in the mountainous village of Katalpada, that this residence is located in the middle of an exceptional hilly landscape. Surrounded by several picturesque hills, this property, designed by the architects of the Shroffleón agency, enjoys breathtaking views of Mumbai. The owners, city dwellers, wanted their secondary home to offer a unique experience that is almost impossible in the urban context. The villa seduces at first glance. With an annex in the form of a free-standing building with two bedrooms, it revolves around the swimming pool which uses the extraordinary landscape as the main design element, thus connecting the different parts of the construction. Perched at the top of a hill, the structure, deployed over 185 m2, takes advantage of the existing inclined terrain, by orienting the swimming pool to infinity, in the direction of the panorama and the views beyond for a disconnection assured. The space designed under the water basin houses an independent dwelling with two bedrooms, a glass house which, by its location, blurs the boundaries between interior spaces and the horizon as far as the eye can see.

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