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Gurdeau Winery in the Czech Republic, like a ripple in the landscape

Gurdeau Winery in the Czech Republic, like a ripple in the landscape


Located in the heart of the picturesque Kurdjov vineyards in the Czech Republic, the Gurdau winery was designed by the Aleš Fiala studio. It is thoughtfully integrated into the surrounding landscape, blending harmoniously into the gentle curve of the land amidst a sea of hills. With this gesture, the architects forge a symbiotic relationship between architecture and nature.

Adorned with abundant vegetation and perforated to allow mature trees to flourish, the extensive curved green roof covering the building ensures a natural integration into the terrain. A tribute to the local winegrowing heritage. The atmosphere of the premises is one of beauty, elegance and comfort. The building’s organic architecture, designed by Aleš Fiala, features exposed concrete, glass, metal and oak and acacia wood construction. A symphony marked by precision craftsmanship and attention to detail, reinforcing the contemporary and timeless character of the winery. Located in a traditional setting, its underground section is used for wine production, storage and preservation. The first floor includes areas dedicated to tasting, reception and sales, enhanced by vast terraces and large glass facades offering uninterrupted views of the surrounding environment. Two apartments are available for occasional stays. Located in the middle of the vineyard, there’s no need to transport raw materials and workers. Production areas are located underground, while those reserved for customers benefit from sunlight, thanks to a glass façade that harnesses passive energy to reduce energy consumption. To prevent overheating in summer, thermally insulating triple glazing is used, combined with wooden oak slats, a large roof overhang and a pergola shaded by tarpaulins. These measures ensure optimum temperature regulation while maintaining a comfortable interior. Rainwater is collected in a storage tank and used for irrigation. Strolling through the Gurdau winery in Kurdjov, Czech Republic, is like embarking on a journey that goes beyond wine tasting. An immersive experience that appeals to the senses, links people, wine and landscape, and redefines wine tourism culture.

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