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The Studio Garden by Land Morphology

The Studio Garden by Land Morphology

Traditional motifs are re-interpreted with industrial materials to give a fresh look to this garden designed by Land Morphology in Wakefield, Rhode Island, USA. Hedges of yews, beech, arborvitae, and boxwood provide a rigorous green architecture to perennials and grasses, which offer color and texture through the seasons.

This award-winning garden surrounds a 1920s-era clapboard home. The overall design is based in a traditional layout with industrial elements. The clients are English and the idea of garden rooms appealed to them. The rooms include an entry court, terrace with fire feature, woodland garden, dining terrace, formal garden with lap pool, two facing pavilions, and a sweeping lawn. Richly planted architectural berms serve as focal points. Concrete and gabion walls terrace the land in striking ways. The arbor over the fire feature defines the space, creating an outdoor room that reinforces intimacy. The pergola creates a strong view from the dining terrace, crosses the lap pool for verve, and provides unexpected approach to the linking of the two pavilions. Richly planted for enjoyment twelve months of the year, the planting design acknowledges the clients’ roots with color and form. The garden provides a romantic overlay to the bold architecture.

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