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For refurbishment

For refurbishment


The transformation of a former car room, located in Brno, Czech Republic, into a showroom and offices for the company MY DVA is a brilliant success. The project is carried out by the agency Chybik + Kristof Architects & Urban Designers.

It was from the office of young Czech architects, Chybik + Kristof Architects & Urban Designers, that the school and office equipment company MY DVA requested the low-cost refurbishment of an old garage in Brno, Czech Republic. The result is remarkable: 900 shells of chairs from the Vicenza range in black granulated plastic, manufactured by the company and sold at around 3 euros a piece, are attached to a steel wall structure. They line three sides of the facade, which itself has become a real commercial sign. The high resistance of these seats to the action of U.V. and weather conditions makes them a symbol of the brand’s quality. In addition, they can be easily replaced in the event of mechanical damage. The 550 m2 interior surface of the building, which has only one level, is judiciously arranged as spaces reserved for offices, the warehouse and the exhibition hall. The showroom is planned with flexibility: it consists of three circular pavilions delimited by removable curtains. The ceiling lighting is simple with exposed power cables. With its new skin, the transformation of the place is total and to say the least unexpected.

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