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Family villa with a vacation feel

Family villa with a vacation feel

Captivating as much for its exceptional setting as for its geometric shapes and sharp lines, this jewel of contemporary architecture by Schuchovski Arquitetura is at one with its natural surroundings. Set high on a hillside in the middle of the forest in Santa Catarina, Brazil, with a breathtaking view of the ocean, it combines refinement with a free-spirited lifestyle. Discover it.

Built in the middle of a forest hill overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, in the port city of Itajaì, in Santa Catarina, Brazil, this dream villa was designed by the Schuchovski Arquitetura agency for a family in search of a new lifestyle. Respectful of its environment, the residence, whose lines follow the extremely uneven topography of the land, is perfectly integrated into its natural setting. Indeed, seeking to create an atmosphere of belonging and identity, the designers camouflage the structure in order to enhance the landscape with a modern aesthetic, pure elements and horizontal lines enriched with highlights that, through their parametrization, carry originality and authenticity. Bold, referring to the multiple travels of the owners, the design of the house reflects the eclectic taste of the owners as well as the link to nature, promoting rest and relaxation. Without falling into clichés, the interior reflects a luxurious and luminous atmosphere, favoring openness to the outside and circulation without partitions. The discreet and harmonious use of bright colors, the purity of the lines, the mix of precious materials but also of styles and design pieces give a character, even a personality to this paradisiacal and unusual ensemble. Above all, they make it a reference in terms of elegance and design.

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