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Exceptional house in Montana

Exceptional house in Montana


Colorful relaxation in the heights of Montana. Designed by Stuart Silk Architects, this property with character is a rare gem. Incorporating noble materials, it combines impeccable aesthetics with optimized volumes, fluid and flooded with light. Take a guided tour.

Nestled on the slopes of the Madison Range in Montana, USA, this exceptional retreat reinvents the codes of the lodge with elegance, face to face with the snowy mountain peaks. Designed by Stuart Silk Architects, the contemporary spirit of the place is distinguished by its aesthetics, with a focus on clean lines and industrial materials. Inspired by the powerful natural setting in which the structure is embedded, the envelope of the 1,859-meter home is clad in Corten steel and concrete panels, a solution that allows it to withstand the region’s harsh climate. Organized around two massive walls of perpendicular planks, which divide it and extend into the landscape to the north and south, the house hides an ultramodern, minimalist interior. An amalgam of natural materials, including blackened steel, cedar and concrete, help create refined living spaces, skillfully arranged to create a high-altitude asylum that oscillates between design and luxury. Floor-to-ceiling glass openings on the rear façade showcase views of Pioneer Peak, generating a breathtaking backdrop for this atypical dwelling that feels like it’s planted in the middle of nowhere. The result is absolutely soothing.

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