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Enchanted refuge in Wisconsin, an invitation to extreme relaxation

Enchanted refuge in Wisconsin, an invitation to extreme relaxation

Surrounded by a forest of oak and white pine trees, this guesthouse, designed by Vetter Architects and Amy Carmin, is perched on a bluff overlooking a pristine lake that the family has visited for generations.Located in Northwoods, Wisconsin, U.S.A., it is part of a larger family retreat, consisting of a main house, an artist’s studio and two boathouses.

The main level of this home by Vetter Architects and Amy Carmin in Northwoods, Wisconsin, is divided into two wings, where a living room and three uniform guest suites connected by a hallway are located, uncovering a beautiful green nature. The other pavilions, on the first and second floors, are designated for intimate invitations, meetings and large-scale social events. From the inside out, glass, stone and wood are a perfect combination for this rustic concept building. The architecture is connected with nature to form a modern design firm with the style inherited from the region. The walls are covered from floor to ceiling with sawn white oak and a wood burning fireplace provides a romantic setting. The hand-printed cement tiles in the half bathroom are inspired by Native American kilim rugs. In the dining room, a stunning 12-foot solid walnut table, designed by Mike Dreeben for large family meals, is topped by the sculptural metal spears of a David Weeks chandelier. Three identical modern suites are all equipped with a desk, closet and fully organized bathroom. Plus, a space to relax and enjoy the views night and day is complemented by a private lakeside exit. Perhaps the biggest surprise of this home is its spectacular lower level. Two full-length automated bowling lanes make for easy family tournaments, while a life-size movie screen provides a real-time window to the outdoors.

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