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CJ Blossom Park, an ultramodern complex in South Korea

CJ Blossom Park, an ultramodern complex in South Korea

Perfect symbiosis between modern architecture and efficient technology, the CJ Blossom Park complex in Suwon, South Korea, contrasts sharply with other buildings, thanks to its futuristic undulating envelope. Its designers, the architects of the CannonDesign agency, created a space intended to optimize innovation and become a real catalyst for creativity.

CJ Group’s new headquarters, Blossom Park, is located in Suwon, South Korea, designed by architectural studio CannonDesign. The real estate complex, spread over 100,000 m2, concentrates CJ Group’s research and development activities, in particular those related to pharmaceutical, food and biotechnology products. Embodying a spirit dedicated to innovation, the building, designed to reflect new ways of working, is made up of three towers connected to a large common atrium, modular and flexible. The latter is arranged to facilitate collaboration, to create an environment conducive to interaction between the company’s multiple departments, brainstorming and meeting ideas and know-how, as well as proximity, transversality and collaborative spirit between the different teams, while developing the well-being of employees. It connects the first five floors of the towers allowing employees, scientists and engineers to meet in highly equipped meeting rooms, showrooms, libraries, cafes and even restaurants. Centered on the group work experience, the eco-campus, dazzling with whiteness and whose spectacular architecture takes up the CJ Group logo, shelters, behind its undulating and high-performance glass facades, an open-plan structure and a luminous environment, attractive and resolutely open.

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