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B/Style: spaces and architectures interpreted with Bonaldo’s total look furniture

B/Style: spaces and architectures interpreted with Bonaldo’s total look furniture

The home as a cosmos waiting to be explored: this is the image at the heart of Bonaldo’s design philosophy. With the launch of the most recent “Dining” and “Accessories and Lighting” catalogues, Bonaldo has expanded the B/Style concept, which interprets the home environment through a total look furnishing programme.

Starting from the exploration of architectural spaces, the company identified settings and architectures that could accommodate its products in the overall B/Style vision. Five locations, each one with its peculiarities and with a well-defined architectural style, provide the backdrop for the Bonaldo total looks within a design scheme in which every single element is part of a harmonious and welcoming space.

A contemporary villa with a swimming pool and linear façade is furnished with Bonaldo’s items characterized by a modern style such as the Saddle sofa, the Roll bookcase and the round version of Geometric Table. Another villa, surrounded by vegetation and featuring concrete internal walls and a more understated and minimal look, features Bonaldo’s elements with a strong architectural presence, such as the Cross Table Glass and the Alix bookcase, perfectly interpreting the nature of the villa itself. Next comes the enchanting Art Nouveau decoration on the façades of a building in which Bonaldo’s furniture stands out for its elegant finishes, including ceramic and high-quality wood. In a building with courtyard featuring a classical style with a contemporary twist the elements that furnish the rooms perfectly blend with the surrounding architecture. Finally, a stately villa with a vaulted ceiling in which Bonaldo has inserted sophisticated modern accessories in complete harmony with the surrounding space.

In these settings Bonaldo’s total look is expressed as a dialogue between products created by different designers, but united by the company’s distinctive style. Tables, chairs, sofas, beds and other accessories in the catalogue dialogue in an overall vision developed by Bonaldo.

Bonaldo thus offers a complete furnishing range that can perfectly blend into any space, meeting the needs of a market that has become very demanding in terms of quality and design. B/Style is therefore a contemporary interpretation of “the living” with which Bonaldo becomes the creator of spaces that can be enjoyed in complete harmony with each individual element, intended for a public that is increasingly aware of its own desires.

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