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Water Drop Library, circular show perched on a cliff

Water Drop Library, circular show perched on a cliff


Atop a lush hill overlooking Shuangyue Bay, near the city of Huizhou in China’s Guangdong province, 3andwich Design/He Wei Studio’s Water Drop Library is a 350-square-meter project featuring a striking circular geometry with a long, straight corridor that welcomes visitors. Extensive use of glass and dramatic interiors with lighting add to the poetic nature of the building, while a bowl-shaped roof with a pool gives the impression of being in an underwater space.

The geometry of the building, located in Shuangyue Bay, China, is a dynamic combination of a circle and a line. Its main structure has a circular plan, while the straight line represents the outer corridor and the long wall that leads people from the top of the hill to the building. The entire Water Drop Library is white. The edges of the passageway and the long wall emphasize the geometric composition that draws users in and leads them to the rooftop pool and the sea. The building blends into its landscape, establishing a link between nature and the human world. The design forms a winding path, also known as the path to the mountain of books. “Readers should rise up and understand the pain of learning,” explain the architects of 3andwich Design/He Wei Studio. Entering the library is a journey to rediscover nature and oneself. To get there, visitors walk down the corridor and “dive” into the main space below the pool. From there, the interior features a number of dramatic rooms that play between light and dark, open and closed surfaces. A porch at the end of the exterior hallway presents itself as a narrow transitional interval. Guests enter a circular volume in the middle by turning left from the porch. This cell houses a reading area, capable of hosting small exhibitions. With large glass openings guaranteeing striking views of the sea and the environment, it is mainly composed of white, light gray and other light tones. Its curved design enhances the atmosphere of tranquility. In addition to the glass curtain wall, seats and small tables allow guests to read quietly while enjoying the environment. Shelves are arranged in a ring along the interior wall and extend outward to create a cloud-like appearance on the ceiling and in the lower areas. This extension serves as a tiered seating area, where readers can lean back and browse in a more relaxed manner.

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