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Understand the world of football differently

Understand the world of football differently


Designed by MoederscheimMoonen Architects, the training center of Feyenoord, the number one football club in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, is nothing conventional. Incredibly stylish, the building, spread over 2,705 m2, reflects a modern silhouette combined with an infrastructure that meets user needs.

Entrusted to MoederscheimMoonen Architects, the aim of the new 1908 multifunctional complex, located in the Stadionpark district of Rotterdam, is to provide one of the top 3 in dutch football with a professional sporting environment on a daily basis. Highly equipped, it consists of an original envelope building surrounded by two training grounds, an artificial turf running and performance track and a separate goalie area. Part of the construction is dedicated to sports medical facilities and to the research and player services departments of the Rotterdam club. The architectural bet consisted in favoring maximum transparency and interaction between the building and the land. The glass facade thus gives the building a contemporary aesthetic, allowing many spaces to enjoy a direct view of the surrounding fields. At the same time, the rear one is designed as a Corten steel shield, which extends over the roof overhang. A decisive element in the design, the latter serves to preserve the privacy of the athletes. Designed to promote concentration, the interior, focusing on a clear palette and natural materials, follows the same logic. As a result, all the spaces are arranged at the rear, while the offices and services at the front.

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