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The Guangxi Culture & Art Center, a pleasant and surprising monument in China

The Guangxi Culture & Art Center, a pleasant and surprising monument in China


In Nanning, the capital of the Guangxi autonomous region in southern China, stands a radiant white entity, reserved for cultural events. The Guangxi Culture & Art Center, signed by GMP Architects, reveals appealing programming for the host city.

Nanning’s latest monument changes the silhouette of this green city, introducing the unusual, the pleasant and the surprising. The project, the second intervention of the german firm GMP Architects in the city, seen in its master plan, looks like a plurinucleated cell, a dynamic entity, allowing a proliferation of different perceptions. Resting on a service gallery, the three volumes encompass three distinct theater halls, connected by a sort of floating roof. This programming of spaces is proving to be very popular in China, as multi-purpose halls for musical and cultural activities are said to be in great demand. The building to the southwest is the largest, accommodating 1,600 spectators. Following the tradition of classical opera theaters, the floor plan takes the shape of a horseshoe. Its backdrop highlights the nearby artificial lake. To the east rises the concert hall with its circular stage and 1,200 seats. To the north is the smallest structure with 550 places. It would be perfect for all scenographies, because of its removable platforms and electronic sound control. As for the facades, the envelopes are all made up of steel louvers covered with white aluminum panels, while the interiors translate warm surfaces in curved wood, ideal for sound reverberations.

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