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Surreal atmosphere for the Ksana Tea House

Surreal atmosphere for the Ksana Tea House


The story of Ksana Tea House, in Bangkok, Thailand, begins when the Juti Architects team first savored the delicious taste of its premium matcha. A moment that seemed to transcend the surrounding chaos, allowing them to immerse themselves in the captivating flavors and unique aroma of this refined tea. The experience gives them a feeling of relaxation, which leads them to find peace and balance.

This project, created by Juti Architects for the matcha green tea brand Ksana, is located in an extension of the OCC, an imposing office building in Bangkok. The story begins with the design of the logo and packaging. To symbolize these dimensions, the designers chose a “Sundial” as the centerpiece of its logo – an object representing the passing of time and the essence of the place, with shadows cast and changing as the sun moves. Nature plays a major role in the packaging design. The link between tea and the environment is brilliantly represented. By entering the surreal-minimalist atmosphere of the tea house, an interior decoration transcends colors, shapes and materials. The aim is to create a deep and lasting memory for visitors. In the flagship store, the first branch, a hidden gem lies beneath the stairs, next to the public square. Before entering the OCC, a water feature sets the scene, reflecting the surrounding structures like a concrete mountain surrounding the area. This captivating backdrop inspired the architecture of the store. For more privacy, a space dug into the gentle slope of the site is transformed into an interior grotto. So, to access this oasis, you have to pass through two glass doors: the first is reserved for takeaway orders and deliveries, while the second is for sitting and drinking. The cave-like walls are made of fiberglass, shaped using CNC foam and decorated with intricate carvings made by skilled tea art artisans. Oak tables and counters complement the black stone teacups and dessert plates. Additional speakers adorned with artificial flowers, signed by Japanese artist Ganon Florist, crown the soothing ambience.

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