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Spiral observation tower

Spiral observation tower


Norwegian firm Nordic – Office of Architecture has completed Nanchang Waves, a community center based on the natural panorama, in Jiangxi province, China. The complex includes a spiral observation tower, front plaza and shopping areas designed on a flowing landscape located in the heart of a large residential development in Nanchang City.

Located adjacent to Elephant Lake Wetlands Park, the design of Nanchang Waves, occupying 5,844 m², responds to the natural qualities of the site, creating a first-rate spatial experience, where the built form blends with the surroundings. According to the agency Nordic – Office of Architecture, three elements, water, earth and sky, make up the design corresponding to three functional zones: the front plaza, the commercial facilities and the observation tower. The landscape of the front plaza stretches out above the three-dimensional space of the architecture through a slowly unfolding outdoor amphitheater. Its layout combines the ancient water culture of Nanchang and the panorama of Elephant Lake. The nodes of this perception host various activities for all age groups and provide interesting and memorable experiences. The next element, housing the facilities, is a building with an accessible roof, designed as a continuation of the surrounding terrain. Retail and business functions are visually linked to the nearby open-air plaza. The experience culminates with a spectacular observation tower, which serves as a contemporary landmark for the city. The spiral structure joins the historic towers of Nanchang, such as Wanshou Pagoda, which can be seen from the building. The role of the double spiral staircase is not limited to making it possible to go up and down the tower. It’s an interesting trip in itself, which curves and offers magnificent views along the way. On reaching the top, one enters the observation platform, where it is possible to benefit from an incomparable view of the environment of the surrounding wetlands, admire the rooftops of the city in the distance and discover the changing scene at sunrise as at sunset.

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