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Royal Arena in Copenhagen

Royal Arena in Copenhagen

How to integrate a 35,000 m² stadium into the city while respecting its environment? Danish architectural firm 3XN Architects responds with the Royal Arena, opened in the heart of a residential district in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Capable of accommodating 13,000 spectators for sporting events and 16,000 for concerts, the Royal Arena is a massive building that does not absorb the rest of the Ørestad residential district in Copenhagen. It is designed by 3XN Architects in collaboration with the architectural firm HKS as a good neighbor, activating a dynamic relationship between place and inhabitants through exchanges and opportunities. To do this, we had to think of the scandinavian style and open it up through small squares, pockets and gathering areas around the perimeter. The arena is made up of a single podium, wide stairs and entrances to facilitate crowd movement. The latter will then follow a logical and fluid movement to move. Physically, it does not distort its surroundings and subtly blends in with the urban decor with the help of numerous windows and exterior wooden shutters. Inside, there are bevelled walls to improve sight lines, as well as a flat ceiling and acoustic walls. The space is very flexible and it is possible to arrange the stands in several ways, in order to meet the different uses of the place, between sporting events, gatherings and concerts.

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