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Original house between ocean and landscape

Original house between ocean and landscape


Standing on a hill overlooking the coast of southern Portugal, this exceptional residence of 1,250 m² is designed by the architectural firm Kerimov Architects. Attractive by its imposing view integrated into its environment and its two floors, it opens on the ocean and the landscape.

Nestled on a hilltop, this villa, designed in Portugal by Kerimov Architects, is characterized by the squat form and the predominance of horizontal lines almost mimicking its surroundings. Technical premises distinguish this place. The structure of the second floor is atrium, where the rooms are interspersed with interior gardens in the basement. The second floor, with panoramic glass windows, includes a living room and an office with a link to the outdoor space, where the owners can enjoy a superb view of the ocean. Maximum privacy of the site is maintained. The house, located outside the dense development, is not visible from either side, but its occupants enjoy unobstructed views of the ocean and landscape. The project is environmentally friendly: the materials used – concrete, glass and wood – are locally produced, ensuring zero carbon emissions. The interconnection between the exterior and interior is provided by concrete walls for spatial continuity and a balance of architectural horizontal lines. As glazing is not allowed to exceed 50% of the facade according to local regulations, the design achieves an original lightness even and maximum semi-permeability that opens up to a panorama, giving the home an aspect of a secret refuge where it is good to live.

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