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New temple of classical music in Switzerland

New temple of classical music in Switzerland


In the heart of the Swiss Alpine, in Andermatt, canton of Uri in Switzerland, the Seilern Architects studio is reinventing the concert hall. Sponsored by Andermatt Swiss Alps & BESIX, the monumental project stands out thanks to its exceptional structure. Spotlight on this great achievement.

Encapsulated at an altitude of 1,437 meters, in Andermatt, in the largest village in the Urseren valley, Switzerland, this music sanctuary is the work of the Seilern Architects studio team. Overcoming urban constraints, the latter rose hands down the challenge of transforming a pre-existing underground concrete box, initially intended to host conferences, into an extraordinary multipurpose space. The flagship of the Swiss refuge, the 2,072 m2 building has 663 seats and a modular stage that can accommodate 75 musicians. Entirely clad in blond oak, the room has a transparent glass skin, which allows the interior to be flooded with natural light, while offering spectators, depending on the season, a sublime view of the surrounding landscape. Inside, is imagined an origami configuration, in order to create a balanced natural acoustics. Flexible, the room, equipped with a retractable system, can be used for various purposes. Indeed, in a few minutes, it is possible to hide up to nine rows of bleachers under the main balcony. In addition, the facades of the inclined balconies and the carved wooden ceiling envelop the whole in a wave emerging from the ground. Raised and extended, the roof creates a sheltered space and another entrance, offering direct access from adjacent hotels.

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