i-Ski, Kfardebian by Accent DG

Kfardebian is home to i-Ski, consisting of three main units containing six duplexes. These convivial cottages designed by the Accent DG studio, founded by Elie Abs, reinterpret the conventional cottage typology, creating a contemporary synthesis, formally inspired by traditional rural architecture. The interior spaces play with the façade, determining a relationship of transparency and alternation. Thus, the stairs draw, in part, the design of the elevation, expressing the path of the residents in the interior space. The materials used intermingle to add a harmony of style and reinterpret the materials of the mountain, distinguishing themselves through their mixture, but also adapting to environmental constraints. Nature is given and infiltrates through the transparent facade and invites itself inside the spaces. The occupants find themselves in immediate contact with the environment and take pleasure in contemplating the natural paintings that change with the seasons. The whole brings together a complacent atmosphere that brings together the different functions in a way of life that integrates the landscape. The design of i-Ski unfolds in its context and undergoes an inevitable transformation with the place.

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