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Head to head with the Aegean Sea

Head to head with the Aegean Sea


Direction Greece. Embedded in a private space of 6,000 m2, which opens up as far as the eye can see to crystal clear water and sky, this magnificent residence has been modelled on its natural environment. Designed by Mold Architects, its unusual architecture is astonishing.

On the island of Serifos, the little-known beauty of the Cyclades, along a small isolated rocky cove, the architects of the Athenian agency Mold have created an incredible luxury retreat, almost hidden underground, out of sight. Embedded in the coastal cliff to counter the strong winds from the north, the 360 m2 property is at one with its wild and soothing setting. The villa is built directly into the ground, on three levels designed in a staggered fashion: bedrooms, living room and guest house. The first two levels communicate internally, while the third is independent. The structure is delimited by longitudinal dry stone retaining walls, which not only protect the interior and exterior surfaces, but also lead the eye inexorably towards the blue. Indeed, the gentle landing in this house gradually reveals its initially hidden spaces, while offering a bilateral view, in this case, a visual exit to the sea during the descent and one to the sky during the ascent. Inside, large living rooms, decompartmentalized, with little furniture allowing a smooth circulation. The materials and the color palette respond to a clear desire of the designers to reproduce the rough and raw sensation found at the bottom of a natural cave. This is why stone and concrete are kept exposed, while wood and metal are used to create rough interior shells.

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