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Futuristic design for the headquarters of the BEEAH group in the UAE

Futuristic design for the headquarters of the BEEAH group in the UAE


Powered by solar panels and equipped with next-generation technologies for leed platinum compliant operations, BEEAH’s new headquarters is designed by Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA) to achieve net zero emissions. Recently opened in Sharjah, UAE, it will serve as the group’s management and administrative center and set a benchmark for future workplaces.

The BEEAH Group’s strategy is based on two pillars, sustainability and digitization, and its activities span six sectors: waste management and recycling, clean energy, environmental consulting, education and green mobility. Its new headquarters, built by ZHA, demonstrates the impact of technology and is a model of a smart and sustainable city. Its design depends on its environment, interconnected “dunes” oriented and shaped to optimize local climatic conditions. Embedded in Sharjah’s Al Sajaa Desert, the design echoes the surrounding landscape of dunes and ridges generated by the prevailing winds. All interior spaces enjoy abundant daylight and views, despite reduced glazing exposure to the sun. The two main blocks house public and management services and an administrative area, linked by a central courtyard defining an oasis, an integral part of its natural ventilation strategy reinforced by a 15-meter high dome. The dome also provides passive daylight infiltration. In addition to the central courtyard and landscaped offices, the headquarters includes smart meeting rooms, an immersive visitor center and an auditorium. At 9,000 square meters, it is focused on sustainability, with a high percentage of locally sourced materials and is equipped with future-ready technologies to ensure LEED Platinum-compliant operation with net zero emissions and minimal energy consumption. Glass-reinforced fiber panels reduce solar gain. Cooling slabs and glazing regulate temperatures. On-site wastewater filtration minimizes consumption, and the solar farm recharging Tesla batteries meets energy needs, day and night. Employees experience a touchless walk-through, a virtual concierge, smart meeting rooms equipped for remote and hybrid work scenarios, and a companion app that robotizes daily tasks. A system automatically adjusts lighting and temperature based on occupancy and time of day.

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