Exceptional library in China


MVRDV studio, in collaboration with local architects TUPDI, completed the public library in Tianjin Binhai, China, with a luminous spherical ball around which books flow from floor to ceiling, on a topography of curved shelves.

MVRDV is a dutch architecture and town planning agency founded in 1993, whose acronym borrows the initials from the surnames of its three founding architects: Winy Maas, Jacob van Rijs and Nathalie de Vries. The beautiful library they just signed is located in the Binhai District Cultural Center in Tianjin, a coastal metropolis outside of Beijing, China. For this realization, MVRDV collaborated with the Institute of Urbanism and Design of Tianjin (TUPDI), Bernard Tschumi Architects, Bing Thom Architects and HH Design, the engineers of Sanjiang Steel Structure Design, the interior architects TADI and the lighting design by Huayi Jianyuan. Built next to a park, this project is part of a set of 5 cultural buildings spanning 33,700 m2. All are connected by a public corridor under a glass roof designed by GMP. The undulating shelves form the main attraction of the project and serve both to frame the space and create stairs, seating, stacked ceilings and even shutters on the facade. In addition to numerous media rooms, they offer space for 1.2 million books. Thanks to this ocean of volumes, the structure can claim to be the most beautiful library in China.

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