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Elliptical curves in Penang, Malaysia

Elliptical curves in Penang, Malaysia

The tallest tower of the Arte S residential complex, 180 meters high, overlooks Penang, Malaysia. Its twin, smaller in size, is no less whimsical. Coming together from the imagination of the architectural firm Spark, they quickly become flagship monuments of their locality.

For this massive project, housing 460 apartments, Spark drew inspiration from Penang’s very essence: its dramatic topography. Situated between the undulating hills of the island and its strait, the constructions imitate, in their details, the whimsical curves of their environment. Thus, they are articulated around a curvilinear movement, created according to the balconies, terraces and swimming pools which end their base. In turn, this echoes the surrounding mountainous and graduated landscape, a series of steps that rise up in tiered plateaus. The whole thing comes in a voluptuous and undulating form, thanks to the elliptical landings, as well as to the Venetian blinds, the angle of which changes as the towers rise. At the top, terraced apartments. On the 35th floor, a hanging garden completed by two ovoid capsules. They house, in turn, a jacuzzi and an event space that can accommodate 60 people. Practical, the units offer open areas, without columns or beams, allowing their adaptability to the different needs of their residents. Oriented to fill up with light while being protected from the sun and well ventilated, they do without an artificial conditioning system and are more ecological. A spirit enhanced by the lush greenery of the gardens integrated into the project, from the private car park to the shaded areas of the swimming pool.

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