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CIFI Sales Center “Park Mansion”: a harmonious experience of purchase and leisure

CIFI Sales Center “Park Mansion”: a harmonious experience of purchase and leisure


Ippolito Fleitz Group (IFG) designs the third CIFI sales centre in Hefei City, China. By reflecting CIFI’s renowned reputation as leading real estate developers, IFG stays true to its slogan “Building for a better life” by focusing on sustainability and health in the midst of nature. “Park Mansion” distinguishes itself from the other CIFI centers in its leitmotif of water, underlining its unique location in proximity of the fifth-largest freshwater lake in the country.

Water is thus used as a main element in the project to reflect is relationship to man; as an opportunity for trade, and an environment for leisure. The flow of water becomes an interface between design and experience. It is invoked in multiple ways to create different environments that induce the process of purchase along the customer’s journey.
This voyage begins by the first to-day existing sunken plaza in China. Expressing the presence of water through an artificial waterfall, it symbolizes the first step of the potential purchase of an apartment; letting go of the past by welcoming new energy and joy. After this oasis of green and water, the customer is then welcomed by a fluid elongated space that carries on the softness of the exterior façade. This is where an interplay of structure, made out of structured glass to curved ceiling white and blue tones, embodies the endless and magical flow of water; its calmness yet vibrant power.
After such an experience of awakening, the customer is called to begin an informing journey characterized by a large architectural model situated at the entrance. By looking at the different specs of the apartments, the customer is exposed to the spaces within the space, creating an environment of reaction before taking action.
The project’s experience along the journey becomes calmer and concentrated atmosphere the deeper one penetrates the space. For instance, back in the sales centre, a light, fluid space with a reflective, stainless steel ceiling follows the glass façade to create the seamless place for consultations and sales discussions, accompanied by a water bar. Whereas in the multimedia room, the qualities of the project become more clear, reflecting spaciousness and vibrancy to allude to the qualities of the apartment. This effect is made by delicate LED filaments, symbolising the start of the actual tour of the apartment. Finally, the lounge area is made of warm and clay colours and solid materials to induce the contract process of the journey. This earth theme symbolises completing the deal by growing roots in new grounds.
IFG doesn’t end this process here. It successfully utilises design as a commodity for the resident by thinking of the future. After the completion of purchases, the repurposing of the structure is strategically planned to become a club house of the new residential complex. By staying true to the owner once again, it continues to celebrate the origin of beginning of their personal lives by renewing it again.

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