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Avant-garde cultural complex in China

Avant-garde cultural complex in China


Located north of Chongqing Central Park, one of the largest public city parks in China, the 37,736 m² Bishan Cultural and Arts Center is designed by the architectural firm Tanghua Architect & Associates.

Based on ancestral descriptions of the region, Bishan Cultural and Arts Center reflects the surrounding landscape, water and mountains, also reminding, and in a contemporary way, the name of the region, founded on mountains and jade. The architectural firm Tanghua Architect & Associates wanted to create a space in the void between three hills, through a design adapted to the typology of the place as a complement and not an addition. Glass and aluminum on the outside reflect the ambient colors and shapes, while casting shade, especially with the western section flowing into the building through the second-floor platform, connecting three volumes. In contrast, the interior surfaces have a warm and complex texture, in a cracked ice pattern but in wood, always with the idea of ​​echoing the rest of the park. Like the exterior rendering, the building is made up of three distinct entities: main, auxiliary and circulation. These surround the base following the curves of the hills. To the east you can find the theater and to the west the conference and cultural centers and the TV station. Keeping the qualifier of public place, visitors are invited to enter at all levels.

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