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An amalgamation of spaces for AIS

An amalgamation of spaces for AIS


The AIS call and training center covers almost 20,000 m² in Nakhon Ratchasima province, northeast Thailand. Designed by Plan Architect, a multidisciplinary firm based in Bangkok, the office building is qualified green.

Made up of both an office space and a recreation area, the building reflects a contemporary design of cabinets. Under a single envelope, the two entities are divided, each within its defined framework, connected by a central atrium imitating traditional thai terraces. This common and central interval sets up a serene atmosphere, where staff meet and discuss. Wooden walkways are superimposed in this illuminated and green void, to create a very natural and peaceful place, far from the noise and stress of work. The call center as well as the training space occupy the majority of the trapezoidal building, which also includes meeting rooms, exhibition spaces, operation centers, an auditorium and a sports hall. As for the exterior form of the composition, Plan Architect is directly inspired by the company logo to implement a curved roof. Horizontal bands wrap the structure and alternate between opaque white surfaces and glass reflecting the city. In addition, the angles of the facades diverge and go in all directions, in order to reduce the areas that absorb the sun’s rays. Finally, with a rather cold hull and a more natural and warm interior, AIS illustrates a very modern notion of work.

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