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A magical reconversion

A magical reconversion


Designed for elementary classrooms, the Lishin School Library in Taichung City, Taiwan, replaces three classroom spaces and spans 500 m². The project is imagined by Tali Design, architects and interior designers.

On the 3rd floor of the classroom building, a new reading experience is added to the school complex. In order to improve the atmosphere and the time dedicated to the world of books, the school commissioned the creation of a new library, in a space initially used as collaborative classes. Thus, the project infiltrates the beginnings and converts the existing one. Several entities come into play, the corridor becomes a connection between the various rooms and an entrance to this new addition, the classes each contain a specific function and the teachers’ desk becomes a reading corner. A wooden frame covers everything. This envelope, formed of boxes, remains multifunctional since it can store, display and even set up seats for students. Its geometric shapes vary between a static rectangle and a hexagon imitating the structure of bee hives. The wooden frame rises vertically up the walls and continues in curves towards the ceiling, illustrating the architectural metaphor of a tree and reflecting the concept of reading under foliage. Always taking inspiration from nature, central shelves are scattered around the surroundings, like pebbles in a bed of water. With figures of speech coming from the natural space, Tali Design sets up a calm and serene place to promote reading among the youngest.

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