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A magical property in the heart of nature

A magical property in the heart of nature


Designed by Kerimov Architects in Lagos, Portugal, this 800 m2 home is set on a cliff near the ocean. Invisible in the environment, it alters the local landscape as little as possible and blends in perfectly. Following the topography of the site, it gives the effect of a natural gradient.

The building, located in Lagos, Portugal, was designed by Kerimov Architects. Perfectly integrated into its surroundings and following the topography of the site, its terraces become a continuation of the landscape. The site is an independent architectural unit. Each functional volume is laconically shaped, optimizing the building’s surface area for a design aspect that does not contradict the surrounding context. In addition, the color palette of the residence, built in concrete and metal, is inspired by the region. The sandy hue of the façade correlates with that of the rocks, so that the residence, like a chameleon, mimics the rocky landscape without standing out from it. The house also boasts two swimming pools. The sun provides an additional source of energy, thanks to solar panels installed on the roofs. Water collection tanks and funnels absorb rain for later use, such as watering plants. And this is because the rocky terrain makes it impossible to set up installations easily. The sublime atrium structure is at the heart of an innovative sculptural design. Each level has a view of the natural environment and sunlight.

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