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A home combining elegance and comfort in Latvia

A home combining elegance and comfort in Latvia

Located by the river in Jurmala, Latvia, this prestigious villa, designed by the international firm Kerimov Architects, comprises three floors for extreme comfort. Three main elements are embodied in its architecture: the city, water and nature.

With its 780 m2, the residence nestled in the heart of Latvia, in Jurmala, is built on a relatively small plot of land surrounded by lush green trees, well preserved despite all external aggressions such as rain, wind and storms. This compact building was designed by Kerimov Architekten, in an open area, easily perceived, unobtrusive and in keeping with the environmental scale of the region. The materials used, such as wood and architectural concrete, correlate with the natural and urban context. The highly visible architectonics are expressed in the rhythmic alternation of the transparent and the impenetrable, darkness and light, horizontals and verticals, not forgetting the relationship of heights and volumes. A holistic air of harmony and lightness pervades the three-storey building, each with its own view of the surrounding landscape. The first floor is designed as a public space. It includes a kitchen, living room, private room, staff bedroom, office, guest toilet and dressing room. More private, the second landing includes a large communal hall, dressing room, bathrooms, two children’s/guest bedrooms, office and master bedroom. On the third floor, there’s a second kitchen and a sauna with access to the terrace. In addition, level -1 houses the garage, laundry and utility rooms. In this house, everything invites comfort and supreme relaxation.

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