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A charming floating roof in Slovenia

A charming floating roof in Slovenia


Architectural studio ENOTA created Cesca Vas, a superb aquatic complex located in Novo Mesto, Slovenia, in an area renowned for its recently renovated velodrome. The new development thus benefits from the topographical properties of the sloping terrain. It is therefore set as low as possible with intelligent placement and minimal terrain modifications.

Designed by the Slovenian architectural firm ENOTA, the Cesca Vas aquatic complex already includes two indoor swimming pools, with an outdoor Olympic swimming pool also planned. artially excavated levels are used to separate the new homogeneous individual amphitheatres, which are built in local concrete by elevation. The entrance hall is then disconnected from the circulation areas. The banks of the cut land are transformed into stands for visitors. In this way, the design reduces the surface area of the facade, increasing its energy efficiency and reducing the investment cost. The floating roof gives a sober appearance to the building and blends into the surrounding landscape. Its facade is covered in unvarnished natural wood planks which will age over time, harmoniously merging the building with the surrounding forest, and its inclined geometry creates a captivating rural effect. It not only adds aesthetic appeal but also houses any facilities that do not need direct access to water. The layout guarantees a higher ceiling height above the swimming pool area and a lower one at the reception and changing rooms. Additionally, its underside on the pool side is uniformly colored in a rich, warm hue, making the ceiling a prominent feature. This option not only generates a pleasant shelter in the absence of perimeter walls, but also invites you to explore the exterior environment. Natural light is abundant inside which opens up to stunning views of nature. Additionally, the cantilevered roof on the entrance side serves as a canopy, complementing the surface of the amphitheater below. Even if the design is sober, the emphasis is deliberately placed on the materials.

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