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A building of impressive dimensions in Oslo, Norway

A building of impressive dimensions in Oslo, Norway


In 2009, Norwegian firms Atelier Oslo and Lundhagem won an international competition to design the new main library in Oslo, Norway. Over a decade later, the project, located in the new district of Bjørvika between central station and the Oslo Opera House with stunning views over the fjord, opens to the public in June 2020.

The result of cooperation between architectural firms Lundhagem and Atelier Oslo, this modern library, officially named Deichman Bjørvika, spans no less than six floors and already houses 450,000 books. With more than 13,500 m2, the establishment leads to well-equipped creative spaces: cinema, play and relaxation areas, restaurant, but also radio studios, conference and exhibition rooms. The bookstore is geared towards new technologies. Thus, users will be able to benefit from state-of-the-art services and use all the equipment available, including 3D printers, or simply enjoy the view of the Oslo fjord. In order to create an increased feeling of openness and connection with the city, the facade on the ground floor is completely transparent. Visitors are received by three equivalent entrances, facing in different directions. Oblique skylights pierce the building and connect the interior areas with the exterior streets and the neighboring Opera House. At nightfall, the building will be illuminated and will change in appearance, depending on the different activities and events taking place inside. This new store aims to facilitate debate, knowledge and the sharing of knowledge, for a better society, open to the world.

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